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Fall veto session concludes
The House and Senate adjourned Thursday without passing a budget. The stopgap budget passed back in June will expire on January 1, and the House stands adjourned. This is unacceptable. We have an opportunity for real reform and a balanced budget if people on all sides would just come together and put the best interests of Illinois first.

Lineup set for new General Assembly
The members of the 100th Illinois General Assembly will take the oath of office at noon on Wednesday January 11, 2017, in Springfield. The new General Assembly will include some newly-elected members, as well as many who have served previously. I am looking forward to beginning my second term representing the people of the 106th district in the House of Representatives.

Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier
New Chief Justice for the Illinois Supreme Court
The Illinois Supreme Court will now be presided over by Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier of Nashville, in Washington County. Chief Justice Karmeier is a former Washington County State’s Attorney, and spent more than 20 years working in a private law practice. He was first elected to the Supreme Court in 2004 and was retained in 2014. Justice Karmeier became the 120th chief justice of the state when he took the gavel on October 31.

2015-2016 Illinois Report Card now available
The Illinois State Board of Education has issued the 2015-2016 Illinois Report Card, the annual report to citizens of Illinois on how each of the state’s schools performed in the most recent academic year. This year’s report has some new categories as well as many that have been included in the past.

Unemployment rate holds at 5.5%
The September jobs report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) found a net creation of 7,400 new Illinois payroll jobs for the month. In what is becoming a trend in Illinois, new job creation appeared to be mainly in the services sector. There were a total of 7,800 net new jobs created in professional, business, education, health, and other services sectors. In the manufacturing sector, Illinois lost a net of 800 jobs.

Illinois moves closer to REAL ID compliance
Illinois is among more than a dozen states considered out of compliance with the 2005 federal law requiring a state ID card (such as a driver’s license) to be seen as adequate identification for federal security purposes, such as entering a military base or boarding an airplane. Under the federal law, an applicant for a drivers’ license is required to present documentation to verify their legal status in the U.S. In addition, the license must be produced in a secure facility and comply with federal rules meant to reduce or eliminate counterfeiting.

Report indicates tax revenues on the decline
The latest monthly revenue report issued by the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA), the General Assembly’s nonpartisan budget watchdog office, indicated that tax revenue to the state declined in September. Revenue to the state’s general funds was down by $119 million below the levels received during the same month last year. The decline was attributable to changes in income tax cash flows, as personal income tax receipts were down $136 million and corporate income tax receipts came in $87 million lower. The drop in corporate income tax revenue amounts to a decline of 22% from a year ago.