"Today we heard an open, honest assessment of our state finances from the Governor; and that’s
something that hadn’t happened for quite a while in Springfield. We are facing very, very difficult challenges this spring and it’s good to hear that Governor Rauner is ready to meet them head-on,” said State Representative Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City).

“I agree with the Governor that we must focus on bringing jobs to our communities so our children and grandchildren will have good opportunities right here at home.

As a former teacher and Community College Board Chairman, I was especially pleased hear the Governor’s commitment to Community College and vocational education. And I agree that we must work on providing property tax relief, and cutting the cost of government. I’m looking very forward to hearing details of his budget plan on February 18th,” Bennett said.
State Representative Tom Bennett will be putting his experience as a former teacher and Chairman of the Parkland Community College Board to work this spring on the Illinois House Committees dealing with higher education as well as  K-12 school and university funding. Representative Bennett (R-Gibson City) has secured coveted positions on the House Higher Education Committee, and also the House Appropriations-Education (K-12) and Appropriations-Higher Education Committees.

“One of the biggest issues we will deal with in the General Assembly this spring is how we fund our schools. Legislation has been introduced that would substantially change the current formula and would have a great impact on schools in our district. Funding for our schools and our Universities and Community Colleges will also be a huge component of our budget negotiations this year. My seat on these key committees ensures my constituents have a voice in these discussions throughout the process.”

In his first term in the Illinois House, Representative Bennett has also garnered a spot on the House State Government Administration Committee, which is tasked with reviewing legislation that impacts state government operations as a whole.

“With a new Governor promising to change the way Illinois government operates this is another committee that will likely see a lot of action this spring, and I’m very pleased that my district will have a seat at the table,” Bennett added.

Representative Bennett said he is also looking forward to his work this spring on the House Consumer Protection Committee and the newly-created House Special Committee on Renewable Energy Sustainability.

“All of these committee assignments are a great fit. They will give our communities a strong voice on many of the most critical issues we’ll be dealing with in the 99th General Assembly,” Representative Bennett concluded.