On Tuesday, November 10, the Illinois House of Representatives convened and debated several matters before the General Assembly. Unfortunately, House Democrats sent a signal they have no intention of compromising and would rather put partisan politics above common sense regarding important issues facing local governments, public safety, child care and long term care for seniors. However, the good news is the Governor and legislative leaders are preparing for a face-to-face budget meeting scheduled to take place on December 1.

Several of the important issues debated at the capitol last week are outlined below, including a report on Illinois’ record soybean harvest. Until then, I wish you, your family, and friends a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

I will keep you posted,


Legislation to Send Funds Owed to Local Governments and 911 Blocked by Madigan
115 Representatives including myself voted for HB 4305 to authorize the distribution of motor fuel tax (MFT) receipts to local governments. These funds are vitally important to municipalities and townships for local road projects and public safety. My House Republican colleagues successfully persuaded the Governor to join us in our support for providing this essential funding for MFT, 9-1-1 services and additional public safety funds. The legislation was overwhelmingly approved however, Speaker Madigan used his draconian House Rules to put a hold on forwarding the bill to the Senate, with Majority Leader Currie filing a motion to reconsider the vote. This parliamentary hold means the motor fuel tax funds owed to local governments and 9-1-1 funds will not be distributed until the Speaker removes his blockage and the bill can be passed by the Senate.